For all of us whose livelihoods revolve around international travel—or even just domestic travel, the pandemic has stopped us cold.  In my case, after months of cutting out one thing… and then cancelling another… and then postponing yet one more… I have now reached a complete shutdown of everything.  

Then, today, I had a simple telephone call that offered my little business a bit of hope. 

If this new idea works out, it could be an excellent thing for my clients (and for me).  It would be a true silver lining that I had not known about or pursued before.

Here’s the funny thing, though:  I don’t feel like I can count that as the “silver lining” for today.  It has not really happened yet.  It’s an idea, and it is not known if it will truly work out.

The “silver lining” that I see from today is the continued evolution of my level to accept “unknowns”… and my continued perseverance in looking for the proverbial bright side.