I do like that some of the things that we have been forced to do in these past few weeks are becoming more ingrained.

Today we went on Walk # 83.  OK, I have not seriously counted them all, but it does seem like we’ve done a lot of walks.  To be fair, we’ve always walked as a family.  We have a gentle loop that is about a half a mile, nothing too strenuous.  It allows for off-leash dogs, kids who like to run ahead, one good hill to get the blood pumping, and conversation without having to catch your breath.

Over the years, we have announced to the family, “Time to go for a walk!”   When we had little kids, this was met with enthusiasm—even responses like, “I’ll get my bike!” or “Can I hold the leash for one of the dogs?”  As we have crossed over into teenager land, we have sometimes heard groans and sighs. 

Not so anymore!  The family walk now makes the “two good things of the day” for most family members.  Our silver lining for the day:  a healthy habit –and family time.