The day dawned bright.  The dogs were ready for their morning walk and swim!  

I brought a puppy into our home right before the stay-home orders started.  She was a breed I picked out, Bernese Mountain Dog.  I found the breeder.  I made the six and a half hour, one-way trip (and back) to get her.  I chose her from all her litter mates, based on how she reacted, thinking of how she would do with our current, older dog.

She stayed with me in my office for the first two weeks, as everyone else left and went off to work and school.  She hung out with me at night, too, and she slept in her crate, located in our bedroom.

But then everyone came home.  And they all wanted to play with the puppy.  She was hesitant to go with anyone else at first.  But I encouraged her.  Soon it was a nightly routine to go out with our oldest son for that last trip… to sit with our daughter and Spanish daughter as they were studying… to crawl up with the middle son while he plays on his phone… to sneak into our bed and have some special snuggle time with my husband…

Now, she is truly a family dog.  Oh, I did enjoy my short-lived role as her special person, I freely admit it.  I relish the close bond we had for those first few weeks. 

But the silver lining for her—and the whole family—is forging that strong connection with everyone.