Sometimes, no matter what I say, I seem to make my fifteen-year-old daughter mad.  I suspect a lot of mothers of teenage daughters may agree with that statement. 

But here is a funny observation from quarantine/lock-down/remote learning/stay-home-stay-safe life:  all this togetherness has brought my daughter and me closer.

I don’t know why this has happened. 

Maybe it’s because we are forced to be in the same space for much more time?  Maybe we’ve figured out that not everything is such a big deal? 

Perhaps it’s because she gets an extra sixty to ninety minutes each morning?  No one has ever claimed she’s a morning person who wants to get going bright and early.

Or maybe it’s a reflection of our schedules, and how much we have severely curtailed the stuff we normally cram into our days?  Maybe we are calmer?

I suspect it’s a combination of all these factors.  Right now, it just makes me happy.  Her voice is much more cheerful in the morning.  She’s more fun when we run our few weekly errands.  And it’s nice to be able to do household chores together in peace.

This is one of my least expected “silver linings” so far—and I’m loving it!