I can count on one hand the times I’ve asked my kids for gardening help and they have agreed with enthusiasm.  It would only take two hands if I tallied up how often they want to go with me to the grocery store. 

This morning, the two girls did all the grocery shopping.  One made a list last night, checking in with all the family members, carefully noting all their specific requests. All I did was pick them up when they were finished. 

This afternoon, I decided it was a good day to weed.  No one likes to weed, I think.  There are some of us who like to see the result when things are done.  Many of us love to feel the peacefulness that comes from clearing out space.  But volunteering to weed is pretty odd—especially for teenagers.

However, the ladies of the household amazed me.  They joined me, without my asking and without complaints.  They were happy participants, right alongside me.  The difference they made in my attitude was almost as astonishing as the difference we all made in the gardens’ cleaner appearance. 

What a pleasant surprise today’s silver lining is!