“You should see our garden this year!”

I’ve heard this from friends—and I’ve seen their happy photographs, too.  Some friends say they wanted to plant their own food, to feel more self sufficient during these uncertain times. 

But most just say that they have less obligations, leading to more time. Without kids’ sports events to drive to every weekend, they can do more intensive weeding.  Without their vacation, they invested in a backyard project.  Without religious services to attend, they have more hours to tackle the bigger project. 

I’ve just spent most of today in the garden.  We seem to have raised bumper crops of trumpet vine, grape vine, ferns, volunteer oak trees, sumac and raspberry bushes.  Cutting them down felt like the perfect thing to do.

I agree with all of what my friends have noted.  But I also feel there is one more element at work in my gardening frenzy.  I want to put things in order!  It’s like I’m battling all the unknowns and uncertainties we all must just accept right now.

A small silver lining, this feeling of control…and it has long-term payoffs, too!