It’s got to be a phase in life, right?  I’m still happy when we have a full house gathered for supper. 

My husband, my daughter and I are pretty much always home to eat at night now.  Son number one is scheduled to go back to college by the end of this month.  It’s a longer break than it was supposed to be.  Son number two should be at class, but it’s Martin Luther King Day.  Our northern friend, who shares a room with son number two, has online class only tonight.  There will be six of us around the table. 

The stupid clock ticks loudly in my head again.  This happened four years ago, when son number one was finishing high school, finalizing college decisions, and planning to depart.  But then, over the past four years, I’ve kind of grown into the new rhythm of occasional weekends and longer breaks.

This time around, it’s an even bigger move for him.  He’s accepted a great job in the Washington, DC. area.  It starts in July, and he’s excited.

But again tonight, we have one more night of family time around the table.  My constant mental countdown is muted a bit, making it my silver lining tonight.