It’s Sunday: it’s time for the doggie playdate.

I warned my two dogs yesterday:  “Tomorrow, we will go see friends!”  It was enough to set them on high alert as soon as we got up this morning.  By the time they were in the car and headed down the driveway, they were both already barking, yipping and singing in excitement.

Although the temperatures today didn’t rise above freezing, the sun shone bright.  The air even held a promise of spring as we stood outside, bundled up in our traditional many layers.

The dogs numbered ten; they thoroughly enjoy their time together. 

We humans are seven this week.  Our conversations are always fractured and never complete.  Someone’s dog needs to be called back, someone else is playing too roughly, still another is demanding a treat and interrupting the conversation.

It doesn’t matter.  

Most of us work from our homes, and our only other interaction is with our immediate families.  And although we love our husbands and our offspring, we are ready for our friends. 

We make time for this and cherish the gift of each other’s company. 

My silver lining today is remembering the value of friendship.  I am richly blessed.