I happily belong to the garden club in my little town, and I enjoy our monthly meetings.  This year, in late March, we cancelled all meetings for the rest of the year. It seemed best.

In the meantime, we have established a Facebook group just for our members.  Some of us have shared photos of our gardens throughout the year.  Sometimes we post information, or a tip on something that worked well.  It is not the same as a true meeting, but it has been a way to communicate and share our love for gardening. 

Tonight we held an outdoor meeting—the only meeting we plan to have for this year since March.   The biggest discussion was communication.  Should we use our Facebook page more?  What about those who are not on Facebook?  How can we share and keep in contact?

The questions are especially pertinent now… but the silver lining of this is that they have always been good questions for us to consider anyway.