I must admit it:  I have been worried about today.  I am scheduled for carpal tunnel release surgery number two this morning.  While I have the benefit of the right hand having been done a year and a half ago, I am still apprehensive of the downtime and recovery. 

My friends know of the surgery, of course, and have sent good wishes.  One came on Sunday, just to deliver a bouquet of flowers.  Because of COVID restrictions, I was under quarantine from Friday after I was tested, through Tuesday. Her kind flower drop-off occurred outside, and our masked conversation was brief.  Visitors are very few (or not allowed at all) right now; people stopping by at one another’s homes are, of course, still strongly discouraged. 

But her gesture became my silver lining.  The bright orange and cheery yellow combination spread cheer yesterday before I even went into the hospital, and welcomed me back home again, too. 

COVID may be forcing us to express our well wishes in new ways.  But COVID does not win!