Because of COVID-19, I’ve reached out more often to a specific special couple. They are older than me, and I’ve always enjoyed their friendship.  In “normal” life, I would see them typically once or twice a week.

They are in the more vulnerable population for this virus.  Their son has them “on lock-down”, they have joked. 

Today we decided to take a bold step.  I stopped by their house—as I’ve done often in these past months, usually with some fruit or plant.  But this time, my daughter and I got out of the car.  We agreed that we would all wear masks, stay at least six feet away from each other and only be outside.  Plus, I stressed that I would not stay too long, so that our exposure would be limited in all ways. 

We chatted while we strolled through her gardens, admiring the daylilies and scabiosa, meandering down a woodland path to their pond.  It was a miniature garden tour—just for the three of us.  It was lovely… a true silver lining of my day!