Watching the National Basketball Association (N.B.A.) playoffs right now still means fantastic plays and shows of athleticism—even with all the changes they have made.  They are “in a bubble” in Orlando, locked down with just their teammates and no families.  In exchange for safer conditions, the players (and refs, staff, reporters, etc.) gave up their version of normal. 

However, I read an article looking at the N.B.A. level of play right now. They commented they see some interesting positives—things no one expected that might just become part of the season now. The Associated Press said, “The N.B.A. playoffs—despite being played in two fan-less arenas at a Walt Disney World “bubble”—have been gloriously entertaining so far.”

They noted players are less tired:  they have had a four-month break, due to the pandemic.  They don’t travel—and they can’t go out when their games conclude, either.  Some are wondering if the league might shorten their regular season, decreasing from the 82 games normally played.  Perhaps they might also change the schedule to include two games, played back-to-back, in the same location, instead of traveling immediately. 

The league spokesman said the players feel better physically—and they want to listen to the players.

I’ll call these potential changes—done to support the players that make the game what it is–a silver lining for all of us.