It’s funny how the little things sometimes strike me as a definite “silver lining”.

We have chickens, and chickens respond incredibly well to additional hours of daylight. More sun equals more eggs, and we are happily collecting 16-20 most days. Even with six people in our home, and even with at least four of us pretty much eating eggs daily, it’s hard to keep up.

During a normal spring and summer, I would take eggs with me to sell to friends and colleagues at meetings and gatherings. This year, that is a bit problematic.

I’ve put out the word, though. Our lovely ladies have a fairly loyal following, and it turns out that some friends are happy to drive up to get eggs.

And when I deliver these eggs–at a safe distance, of course–there is a nice little bonus of face-to-face conversation and check-in on how we are all doing.

An eggs-cellent silver lining! (Come on, who could resist that pun?)