This morning we awoke to temperatures right around freezing. 

Fall has definitely arrived in New England. 

Once the fog burns off and the temperatures start to rise a little, it’s the type of day everyone in our area raves about.  It’s crisp and bright, with a definite chill.  But the sun has warmth and that wonderful quality of light photographers love.

We start by hosting our friends for a big breakfast of French toast and sausage, grateful for the heater in the camper with the generator going.  Then we start off to explore the area a bit more.  We’re only about 90 minutes away from home, but we don’t typically “do” anything here.  More typically, we are just driving through, on our way to a game for some high school sport somewhere further north. 

Our day fills up with time spent poking around in the cute town of Woodstock… meandering some back roads to see the views… shopping for a new pair of hiking boots for me… and hiking along the gorge to see the dam.  We end with another great supper and time sitting around the campfire with friends.

It’s a great day.  For me, though, it’s still that silver lining of slowing down this year enough to appreciate a day like this!