An unexpected call asking for six dozen eggs meant an extra trip to town today.  Our chickens are happy little producers right now.  Most mornings I find at least twenty eggs in their four cozy nesting boxes, usually with at least one or two hens guardedly setting on a clutch.   Just a week ago, we hit a record of thirty-two in one twenty-four-hour collection period! 

While we enjoy our chickens’ gifts, and while we currently have a rather full house of six people living here, that’s a lot of eggs to eat.  I am happy to make the short drive back down the hill to deliver.

 After just a moment’s thought, I remembered my daughter’s COVID-inspired class schedule.  It’s Thursday, and the Zoom classes have a built-in break so that students don’t spend their entire days staring at computer screens.  She is always up for driving—and the dogs believe rides are just plain fun.

Happy dogs.  Happy customer. And a happy daughter, thanks to our safety requirements in the age of COVID.  Silver lining achieved yet again.