I have mentioned before that not all of us in this house agree on all that is being said and done about COVID.  It is likely no surprise, then, that we have some differences of opinion about how strictly to adhere to the guidelines and mandates.

While this makes for some tense moments between family members, it also brings up some real opportunities.

Today, I had the chance to practice what I preach:  one of my children wanted me to look at some research.  This scientist offers a different viewpoint from the mainstream media and seems to be from a fairly well accredited source.  Of course, like everything right now, within one quick google search, I found others refuting his ideas.

I will admit to often being frustrated by this particular offspring’s insistence on finding opposing evidence.  I will even acknowledge that I am not always able to be even remotely open-minded to some of what is presented to me by this young adult.  But today, we had a calm discussion, punctuated by a willingness by both of us to at least try to see the other’s point of view.