Yesterday’s conversation with my youngest sister had me concerned.  Her workload—always busy at a college, right before school starts–continues to increase.  This year, with all the COVID-19 related issues that have to be considered, she is particularly feeling pressured.

Plus, she can’t work at the school.  She has an eight year-old daughter who has no options for summer camps this year. 

Naturally (just like anyone would do), I offered to help.  She could send my niece this way, I suggested. Or, if she preferred, I could send her niece, my 15 year-old daughter, down to her. 

After some thought by the moms, and some discussion between the cousins, we all agreed that we’d start with a trip north to my house. 

Today I drove about four hours round trip… and we have one more family member in our house.  She’s already ridden scooters, gone to the grocery store and played with makeup.

We offer this to her every summer, but she is hesitant.  This year, I think even she has hit her limit of screen time while her mother tries to balance the impossible task of working from home and parenting. 

It’s a silver lining for us to have her here!