The college students typically come home just before Christmas.  From my viewpoint, the spend about ten to fifteen days enjoying sleeping in, doing their Christmas shopping, meeting up with high school friends and celebrating the holidays with the family.

After that, they have another two weeks or so before they go back.  I don’t know what your experience has been, but around here, I normally see a lot of boredom set in by about January 3rd.

This year, everything is different.  Most came home the weekend before the week of Thanksgiving.  Most aren’t headed back until the end of January—and some are delayed into February.  What can they do what that much time off?

Most of the kids I know have found a great solution:  they have found good, paying jobs.  

Without really thinking, right now I know of college students working at cleaning houses after Airbnb rentals, helping with construction, selling pizzas and operating the ski lifts. 

Here’s a silver lining that benefits the vacationing college kids, their parents and the community—a win all the way around.