It’s the little things that one notices during the “new normal” we have going on now.

Today I looked at the hair balls rolling around the corners of the kitchen, and realized that it was time to vacuum—yet again.  We had a schedule going before March.  Every two weeks, the floors got thoroughly cleaned with vacuuming, followed by Swiffering, and then wet Swiffering.  Toilets, sinks, microwave… the whole house had a chance to shine every 14 days.

Since March, we’ve had no set time.  The house still needs to be fully cleaned, of course, at least every two weeks.  But put more people in, for more time—because that is what quarantine really was… add in summer weather and more dog shedding…

OK, let’s be honest here.  Ideally, the house should be cleaned even more often than every two weeks.

While others in the household have definitely been a part of the Clean Team on different occasions, today, it was all on me.  After a few hours, the tumbleweeds had disappeared, and order was restored. My silver lining out of this is a renewed appreciation for everyone who picks up, cleans up and straightens up (especially in my house).