Driving around town on a beautiful early summer’s evening is different this year.  There are not a lot of people out and about.

I had to make a quick trip in and out of town.  At one spot, I passed a very enthusiastic, small group of friends.  They were gathered out on their front lawn, spilling over a bit onto the unused sidewalk. 

Every time a car passed them, they waved and shouted and jumped up and down.  If someone waved back at them, they high-fived and yelled greetings.  I passed them twice, about fifteen minutes apart.  On my way back, they were even more engaged in their game—even more thumbs up and cheers given to every person that they could get to communicate with them.

The group was probably in their mid-30’s, perhaps “too old” for this sort of shenanigans.  Then again, why shouldn’t they be out there laughing and whopping it up? We have so dramatically decreased our in-person social interactions for the past three months.  They made me chuckle out loud—and they got me to acknowledge them and play along, too. 

Had it not been for quarantine, I doubt that they would have done this tonight.  I’m claiming their fun as my silver lining.