To say that life has been rather different is an understatement for all of us—all around the globe.  Economically, it’s been a challenge for everyone.

For those who have employees whose families’ lives depend upon them, it’s even more difficult.  The responsibility has weighed heavily on their minds.  

A friend of mine runs two small businesses here in town.  Both have been gravely impacted this spring and summer.  She has become an expert in the government programs that can help them stay on their feet, and hopefully still run two businesses when we somehow—someday—“come out the other side.”

But she has noticed something a bit strange.  In order to keep people moving quickly in and out, they have streamlined their offerings.  People don’t seem to mind.  More importantly to their bottom line at the moment?  It’s making things more profitable, more quickly. 

Other business owner friends have also made similar comments.   Being forced to reevaluate the way they “have always done things” has meant that they have found some additional efficiencies.  One even said, “I don’t think we’ll go back to how we were before.  This way makes more sense.”

Efficiencies borne out of necessity.  Who knew that this silver lining was out there?