We set off on our inaugural trip in our RV.  My husband’s years of thinking, researching and attending the annual RV show have culminated into this:  a wonderful used fifth wheel traveling down the road behind us.

If we had not hit COVID-19 this year, I would surely still have been urging him to wait.  I figure this is the type of thing we should do when we have no more kids at home.  Our youngest will be a sophomore in the fall.  We had—by my calculations anyway—at least three more years. 

But when our three are all suddenly here this summer, I wanted a way to do something “as a family” for one more summer.  Campers also mean less contact with others, which seems to be the theme song for 2020.

Finding a lovingly cared for pre-owned RV seemed to mean that it was truly meant to be.

However, this first trip, we are leaving kids at home to care for the menagerie of animals.  This silver lining is just for the two of us this time (although we are going with four friends—each couple in their own camper!).