Beauty of the Day

Beauty of the Day is a collection of one photo per day, just appreciating the beauty in life.

Jill started this in 2015, and it’s become an ingrained habit. It has also caused many other people to start looking for their own “beauty of the day”.  (And yes, Jill loves to see these photos–send them in!)  Most are taken in southern Vermont, unless Jill was traveling.  Enjoy!

One more opportunity:   

  • SILVER LININGS.  Jill started writing this column daily, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is looking at how life changes under our new rules–and finding at least one thing positive, every day, in the upheaval.  It’s been very well received by those who are following it.  As one reader says, “Reading your column of ‘silver linings’ has become mone of my ‘silver linings’!  Thank you for writing this!”