Today’s the first day I almost—almost!–have not wanted COVID-19’s changes to stop.

Because today was the day to send son number one back to his college for his senior year.  He’s been home mid-March, when his university went to virtual classes (just like everyone else all around the globe).  

Right now, he has a house rented with a group of friends.  The lease actually started in June and runs twelve months.  In fact, his original plan was to spend the summer living in this home while working on his internship a short drive away.  

When that fell through in late May, he decided it made more sense to continue living at home.  After some searching, he found summer work related to his major.  It was not what he had planned, but he adjusted.

On the positive side, he gained time with his girlfriend.  He was here during the special months with our puppy.  He had more time with family members, including “Spanish daughter number three”. 

But he was ready to go back to his college life and rejoin his friends.   There was no mistaking his enthusiasm as he packed the U-Haul last night and stuffed in those final pieces this morning. 

I am so cognizant of the ticking clock of raising kids now.  He will graduate in May.  At that point, he will go where the best job is—as he should, of course. 

These were all bonus times—ever since March, when he and his girlfriend returned home from a spring break trip to Spain.  I miss him when he’s not here.  His absence leaves a hole.

But I am thankful for the silver lining of gaining just a few more months with him living here at home.   It’s a bittersweet silver lining tonight.