The text came through earlier this week:  a friend was sick and suspected COVID-even though she’s already been immunized with the first round as a part of her work in healthcare.  Immediately, our family offered to help with whatever she needed.  She assured us she would be fine, and that her son was still home from college.  He could get things from the store. 

But, two days later, she contacted us again.  Now, her son was sick, and getting tested.  “Mine show no COVID, but it sure feels like what everyone is describing.”  Sure enough:  she continued to test negative… but her son’s test was positive.   It makes no sense to anyone because her son has been ultra-careful.  She’s the only sick person he knows right now.

In any case, they are happily feeling better every day, with fevers gone and no lingering symptoms.  Still, they are under quarantine and grocery shopping is off limits.   

And although it was me who offered to grab those necessary food items, it is my son that’s out at the store this evening.  Our two sons are close friends, lacrosse buddies from playing together in spring official seasons, summer tournaments, fall ball and even winter pick-up games. 

A silver lining for him?  A chance to jump in and be a pal… and he’s happy to do it. 

(And it warms both of us moms’ hearts, too!)