Silver Linings

Today is day #2 of May.

I love May. It’s the very best month of the year, in my opinion. I think it is the absolute prettiest for the state of Vermont. (Yes, I know most people love October here, and that tourists flock to see the beautiful fall leaves. Call me crazy: I prefer spring and the infinite numbers and varieties of green–all accentuated with all the flowering trees, bushes and plants.)

But tonight I also remembered that our oldest son still plans to be at his summer internship–and moving into his home near his college in Rhode Island–by the end of the month. I honestly had kind of forgotten that time is marching on. We’re in this bubble of strangeness. In its own sort of weird way, we’ve even become used to this–including having son number one home with us.

I know I am not “supposed” to have him in our house right now. I know that he really likes his life at college. And I know that his moving off is all a part of watching him become his own, fully independent person.

So today I am reminded anew that it’s a true “silver lining” to have had his help this afternoon with securing the chicken run for the baby chicks. That, in a normal time, I wouldn’t have had the joy of his company to move the little chicks back into their pen this evening before supper. That I would not know that he is very close to finishing all the work for his semester.

Seems like it is a good chance for me to step away from the computer and give him a big hug–as long as he is here.