I got together with a friend this afternoon… for a walk near a pond, with two of our dogs. Then we chased the sunset, searching for a spot to see it through our many trees here. 

Having not seen each other for over a month, my friend and I caught up on our summers so far.  She had recently traveled—to a mountain 20 minutes from her house, to watch the sunrise with her daughter.  She went camping in a favorite spot less than two hours north of here, with her sister and most of the family cousins. 

I talked about our weekend plans.  We’ll head to a friend’s camp, where we’ll park our new RV in their driveway.  Our planned-for highlight will likely be going out to look for moose and deer in the fields, at dawn and dusk.  I anticipate some good family memories just being together.  

Two years ago, our conversation would have been about trips to much further, more exotic locations. 

This year, we are both rather happy to appreciate the little things—like sitting around a fire with our nearly out-of-the-nest children.  It’s the silver lining of today, remembering how important those moments are.