I went for an early morning hike today.  I love dawn, the way the shadows stretch to nearly infinite lengths, the gentle quality of the light as it breaks across the fields.

I feel I spend my days in the midst of so many unanswerable questions.  Just as I make a plan—for work or personal endeavors, something beyond my control tends to enter in, changing what’s possible or even canceling it out altogether. 

So today I am finding the silver lining in knowing this one thing for sure:  the sun will rise again tomorrow.  The orange glimmers of first light will creep quietly above our green mountain hills, cresting gently and gorgeously, sharing their glory without hesitation.  The dew will sparkle in the grass in the pasture below the cresting sun.  The animals of the neighboring farms will rise to greet the new day, showing no more concern for their tomorrow than they had the day before.