My daughter should have had a cavity filled in March.  The appointment was cancelled–of course– during the March shutdown of normal life. 

Now, if it were my daughter writing about her silver lining, I could stop right here.  A cancellation of a filling?  That’s cause for joy in her book (and our dentist is as kind and caring as they come!). 

Five months later, we arrived at the dentist’s office this morning for the first time.  We had already filled out an online health questionnaire.  We called when we parked, and we waited for approval.  We wore our masks.  We used the hand sanitizer at the entrance.  We all talked–through masks–to update the health information sheet.

But then, unlike every other visit, I returned to my car.   Because of the rules, I no longer am required to wait in their office.  Instead of sitting in the waiting room, I ran three errands in a short hour. Silver lining!