Today, I confirmed the placement of another young person from a foreign country who wants to come to the USA to learn about modern American dairying. 

That makes six that are now at various stages in the process, just in the past two weeks. And that is five more than I did all last year. 

I believe that counts as progress!

At the same time, I’ll admit to not fully believing that it will all happen.  I saw so many steps backwards last year that I don’t take anything for granted anymore.  I feel cautious about really believing it’s a “done deal”… until someone truly arrives.  There are still many difficulties, and various spots where it could be stopped for various reasons.

Still, while I would have been happy last year with this news, this year, it is even sweeter when something moves forward. 

Feeling happy about small work gains?  My silver lining for March 5. *A special note about March 5:  one year ago today, the state of Vermont had its first COVID case.