Christmas day in a year of COVID:  we all knew it going to be different.

In its own sort of odd way, it was a reminder of the most important parts of life:  family.  For us, it was myself, my husband, our three kids and the oldest son’s girlfriend of four years—and our two dogs.

We opened gifts (this is our Yellow Lab’s most favorite part—she loves to shred paper and if we don’t watch her, she’ll open every gift under the tree in a frenzy of utter joy). 

We ate an unhurried breakfast together, all seated around the table at the same time. 

I shared my special present, the written story of each of their arrivals into our family.   

The rest of the day we relaxed.  We would have included a family hike, but the driving rain discouraged outside activities (and probably encouraged napping!). 

At the end of the day, we gathered back together again for a special supper.

It’s actual a silver lining to limit our activities—and to enjoy each other’s company.